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Aquarius Love and Sex

However, in both cases, they are deep thinkers and highly intellectual people who love helping others. They are able to see without prejudice, on both sides, which makes them people who can easily solve problems.

Although they can easily adapt to the energy that surrounds them, Aquarius-born have a deep need to be some time alone and away from everything, in order to restore power. People born under the Aquarius sign, look at the world as a place full of possibilities.

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Aquarius is an air sign, and as such, uses his mind at every opportunity. If there is no mental stimulation, they are bored and lack a motivation to achieve the best result. The ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus has a timid, abrupt and sometimes aggressive nature, but it also gives Aquarius visionary quality.

They are capable of perceiving the future and they know exactly what they want to be doing five or ten years from now. Uranus also gave them the power of quick and easy transformation, so they are known as thinkers, progressives and humanists. They feel good in a group or a community, so they constantly strive to be surrounded by other people. The biggest problem for Aquarius-born is the feeling that they are limited or constrained.

Because of the desire for freedom and equality for all, they will always strive to ensure freedom of speech and movement.

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Aquarius-born have a reputation for being cold and insensitive persons, but this is just their defence mechanism against premature intimacy. They need to learn to trust others and express their emotions in a healthy way. It is more important to find direction than to stubbornly hold on to any goals, but it is also important not to let interactions with the rest of the world distance you from what you desire most.

To find balance Continue to Aquarius Daily Horoscope Continue to Aquarius Tomorrow's Horoscope There are things that you know you are flexible enough to do and take care of, but there are those that still Continue to Aquarius Weeky Horoscope Aquarius Horoscope: This Month Nov As November progresses, you will see numerous chances to reconnect with friends who think alike, brainstorm, and use your mind to make large steps forwards. Continue to Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Aquarius Love and Sex Intellectual stimulation is by far the greatest aphrodisiac for Aquarius.

There's nothing that can attract an Aquarius more than an interesting conversation with a person. Openness, communication, imagination and willingness to risk are the qualities that fit well in the perspective of life of this zodiac sign.


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Their compatibility with other signs can be complex, Integrity and honesty are essential for anyone who wants a long-term relationship with this dynamic person. In love, they are loyal, committed and not at all possessive - they give independence to their partners and consider them as equals. Although Aquarius-born are communicative, they need time to get close to people.

Considering that they are highly sensitive people, closeness to them means vulnerability. Their immediacy behavior combined with their strong views, makes them a challenge to meet.

Daily Horoscope Aquarius

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horoscop aquarius 24 february Horoscop aquarius 24 february
Horoscop aquarius 24 february

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