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Squares of pivotal parts of the chart. Each planet is a part of the person, a slice of a person with a different function. Think of the human body with the heart, the brain, the lungs etc. Each does a distinct job and has a distinct nature. Each planet is the same. When you have the deepest heart Moon squaring the love part of a person Venus , one has a disconnect between their deepest emotions and being able to show these emotions when they love.

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The square stays locked for life. This is another area where I will have Astrologers all over me, saying this is not true.

I think it is. So, it is not so locked in. The conjunction is a melding of the energies. This can be good or bad, depending on which planets and how close. For example, Mercury conjunct the Sun is a blessing when it is at 6 degrees. It is a sign of great intelligence. It can be a curse when it is exact, as it is one sign of mental illness imho. It is what I called the combust in my first entry. I cringe when I see it. This can be a sign of mental illness. This one makes me cringe second to Dejanira conjunct the Moon, which is my biggest cringe factor.

How amazing is it that an Astrologer can know what someone went through, from a few symbols on the chart. There has to be a God, but that is another story lol. Venus in Aries in a man. This man does not like to chase. He does not like to be the aggressor in sex, either, which can be a problem for most woman, who want the man to be. He needs a woman to be the aggressor. It is a reversed kind of situation. Algol conjunct the ASC.

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Algol is the worst fixed star. It is associated with Charles Manson types. This is not to say you are a Charles Manson if you have this, but you will have dark impulses, most likely.

Pluto conjunct Venus—this is similar to a Scorpio Venus. The person will feel very, very sexual and may feel embarrassed or ashamed of it. Neptune square Mercury. Neptune is the next world. One can leave this world and go to the next with imagination, creativity, music, art, God or drugs, alcohol and addictions which are harmful for us.

Hence, Neptune is a double edged sword. When Neptune squares Mercury, the mind may tend to mental illness as Neptune dissolves what it touches and one needs a certain degree of solidity to have good mental health. Jupiter with many planets such as 3 or more making squares or oppositions to it. This can dull the conscience and the sense of right and wrong.

The more planets involved, the more severe the lack of conscience. Stelliums in the 12th, 7th and 1st, in that order. A stellium is 3 or more planets in a sign. The 12th House is the hardest house. It hides what inhabits it. It represses and suppresses what inhabits it. It is very hard to deal with any 12th House planet, let alone 3 or more. The person will, often, have a hidden fantasy life or a complete double life.

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The 1st house stellium may make the person super self centered. It is all about them and they are the last to know lol. The Unaspected Moon is the one Unaspected planet which is not a gift to the native.

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The native is a gift to others, as the native is very sweet, tender and childlike, which is unusual in this hard, cold and hostile world. The Unaspected Moon is a child who never grew up. He brings a joy and openness to life that others appreciate. However, others hurt this sensitive person, as their own wounds are touched. Hence, the Unaspected Moon suffers a great deal from his inherent nature.

I am going to go out on a limb and say anything in Virgo is hard. Mercury would be the best planet to have in Virgo, as this would be the natural scientist or someone who could pay a lot of detail. However, Virgo makes a person be too hard on himself. He tries to be too perfect. He is too meticulous to the point of OCD. He is too exacting with detail to the point of being anal. With Virgo Sun, he is too hard on himself. With Virgo Venus, he is too picky about a mate.

Astrology Is Neutral: Part 1 – Hard Aspects

With Virgo Moon, he tries to be too perfect in his emotions. With Virgo Mars, he tries to be too perfect in reaching goals. He may get too caught up in details and drive himself crazy. I think Virgo is so hard because I think it is ruled bu Chiron, the planet of pain. Capricorn ASC—May give the person a bony and kind of haunted appearance, such that the person may feel sensitive about how they look. The person may have a beaked like kind of nose. He may marry a cruel woman who will be brutal to him emotionally. Wow Ami, i have 1, 2, 5, 9, I think what you wrote is alittle too much of a generalisation considering usually aspects involving Mercury and Uranus points to innovation and intelligence?

I also have Jupiter square mercury this helps with creativity, writing and imagination and it opposes Saturn, Uranus and Neptune like everyone else born around the same time as me and I actually have too much of a conscience. I can get guilt tripped so easily, I have really strong morals I uphold and I always do the right thing. I knew another girl who had the same aspects, she was brilliant and was one of the top students in my year back in high school. She was good at everything. I hear you. I suppose I did generalize too much. The whole chart must be looked at, but for teaching purposes, one may have to generalize, but one must keep in mind it it just that.

Thank you, Lily. If a person had many other factors plus this square, they would have more of a struggle. To see the chart as a whole is the key!

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Amiann, would there be any way you could look at my chart sometime? I am seeing quite a few of these difficult aspects show up in my chart! Please let me know if you ever would have time to — if not, I definitely understand. I am sorry. I would need you to put it in my Forum or purchase a reading from me. I may offer a cheaper reading than my full blown one that takes over week over intensive work for me.

Honestly, there is no price for it, with the time, energy and care I put into it. Would you be interested in a more superficial reading from me, for which I would charge less?

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