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All of this is accented by a beautiful and fresh selection of flowers from our Produce department. However you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day, we are here to help share the love. Tuesday, 27 December Community Donations As we pause to look back on , one of the things that stands out is how much we love our community.

Eugene is a great place to be, and we like to help the organizations that work so hard to make this place better for all of us. While we can't grant every donation request that crosses our desk, we try hard to donate to as many as we can. Here are most of the organizations that we were able to help this year. You all have our sincere thanks for making our community a safer, kinder, more beautiful, healthier and more fun place to live.

We have a monthly budget.

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Please give us six to eight weeks in advance of your event. Last minute donation requests are less likely to be granted. Donation requests can be dropped off at the store, or you can email your request directly to reisa capellamarket. Friday, 16 December Pre-Order Your Holiday Meats Our Meat Department offers excellent quality meat and excellent customer service all year long, but at the holidays, they shine even brighter.

This time of year, we bring in all kinds of things to make your holiday parties and meals even more special. To be sure that you we have what you want when you need it, please call the Capella Market at and ask for the Meat Department. The holidays are a time of joy and celebration for many, but for some in our community it's hard to feel joyful when you are worried about feeding your family.

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Six years ago, after a regular customer made a suggestion, we created Neighbors in Need as a way of spreading comfort and joy to members of our community who need a little help. All of the food donations are distributed through St. Vincent de Paul. We are open 8 a. Store hours are 8 am. Have a great holiday! We are proud to carry Diestel turkeys again this year. Founded in , this family owned ranch has a long history of growing excellent turkey. Diestel Turkey Ranch mills their vegetarian turkey feed at the farm, so they are always sure that their birds are fed the very best.

They grow a variety of breeds, which allows all of their birds to fully mature, regardless of what size bird you need. Growing time is more time for flavor to develop in each bird, so that's a critical part of why Diestel birds taste so good.

These birds are given fresh air and room to roam. All of these things add up to a bird that you can feel good about buying. Our Meat Department is taking reservations now so that you can be sure to get the size that you need. Call the store at to reserve your fresh turkey today. All turkeys will be available for pick up starting Monday, November 21st.


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To sample Diestel turkey and the many delicious Thanksgiving sides available through our deli, join us for our Holiday Tasting Fair this Saturday, November 12th, starting at noon. We'll have a fresh roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and candied sweet potatoes, two different kinds of stuffing, green beans, cranberry chutney and gravy. Thanksgiving sides are available to order in advance stop by or call us at through our deli.

For those of us who haven't loved squash forever, it can be a little intimidating to buy a large squash and hope that we like it. In the Capella Market tradition of being able to try before you buy, our Deli will prepare a variety of squashes stocked by our Produce department. Because we want you to be able to really taste each squash, the preparation is simple, just salt and pepper. We are hoping to taste six or so varieties, including some of the biggest ones that we carry. If you have ever been curious about Blue Ballet, Curry, Hubbard, and others, come check it out. We'll be sampling beginning at noon, and likely wrapping up around 3pm.

Thursday, 6 October Bounty of Apples! It's Fall here at Capella Market. You can tell by the Halloween candy on display, the increased activity around our Vitamin C displays, and by the bounty of apples in our Produce Department. As of this morning there were seventeen varieties of apples packing displays throughout produce, each more beautiful and aromatic than the last.

From that workhorse of baking, the Granny Smith, to the exotic Pink Pearl with its striking pink flesh, we have an apple for every taste and application. While many varieties are excellent eaten out of hand, Dorie Greenspan has developed a simple and delicious cake that allows baking apples to shine through. For a less dessert-like but still delicious option, homemade applesauce fits the bill. In this hands-off recipe from Ina Garten, using a variety of apples gives great depth of flavor. To sample the widest variety of apples, please join us for our annual Apple Fest on October 15th, Saturday, noon-4pm.

And don't forget: we're drawing the winner of our Vitamix raffle at 4pm--all proceeds to Parenting Now! We'll be rotating through varieties during apple season. Come in and check out our selection! From 11am to Noon, just a half-block south at Tsunami Books Willamette , our clinical nutritionist and metabolic health specialist Francie Killian, M. What can a healthy gluten free diet look like?

What is the difference between an allergy and intolerance?

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How can gluten initiate "leaky gut," and why is it considered among many health experts to be the biggest dietary gateway to disease? Noon-4pm: Back at the store, we'll be serving up tasty samples of gluten free foods, and several of our favorite gluten free food makers will be here giving demos and answering your questions. Wednesday, 14 September Benefit Raffle! Our final raffle of the year is upon us.

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This time we're offering a Vitamix as the grand prize. All proceeds will benefit Parenting Now! We fulfill our mission through direct service to families and sales of curricula and material to parenting educators" parentingnow. Buy as many tickets as you want, to increase your chances!

The winner will be drawn on Saturday, October 15, during our Apple Fest. No matter how hot, dinner still has to be served, and the good news is that there are many delicious no heat or low heat options. The other bit of good news is that summer heat gives us the gifts of corn, tomatoes, watermelon, peaches and many other delicious ingredients.

Here are some good options for cool meals when it's too hot to think about indoor heat. We have beautiful corn in our produce department from Me and Moore farm.

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This recipe from Mark Bittman requires no cooking and delivers some delicious summer flavors. Corn paired with fresh mint and tomatoes, along with greek feta from our cheese department makes an excellent light summer meal. Smitten Kitchen has a recipe that involves just a small amount of grilling but delivers a more substantial meal.

This recipe for cold rice noodles with lime peanut chicken relies on some core Asian ingredients to give it a flavor punch with minimal cooking.

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Last but not least, the beautiful simplicity of Caprese salad is a great way to celebrate summer's flavors while beating the heat. This simple recipe relies on beautiful ripe tomatoes sliced about a quarter inch thick. Put a slice of fresh mozzarella on top of each slice of tomato. Slice up fresh basil and sprinkle over the top, then drizzle with a good olive oil and, if you like, some balsamic vinegar. When served with a loaf of Ciabatta bread and a fruit salad, there is nothing better. If the thought of even walking into the kitchen is too much, remember that the Capella Market deli offers a wide selection of delicious sandwiches and other prepared foods to help you beat the heat.

Hot and hungry? We can help! Wednesday, 17 August Saturday, Aug. Because it's August, and we love ice cream, and we also love a good party, we'll be having the drawing at the end of an ice cream social. Our friends at Coconut Bliss and Lochmead have donated some frozen deliciousness and we'll be selling scoops and floats to benefit Eugene Civic Alliance. In addition, our Meat Department will be giving samples of house made Bratwurst. Eugene Civic Alliance will be here, we'll be cooling down with scoops and floats from 1pm to 4pm, and we'll have the drawing at 4pm.

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  • Saturday will be a scorcher. Why not come cool down with some ice cream for a great cause? Friday, 22 July Benefit Raffle for Eugene Civic Alliance When we think about causes that Capella Market likes to support, we often choose endeavors that highlight health, community, and getting outside. With these priorities guiding us, finding a way to support the mission of the Eugene Civic Alliance seemed like a slam dunk.

    The bike is on display near the front end of our store, and it is stunning. The drawing will be held here at Capella on Saturday, August 20th. Once completed, the Civic space will house the Kidsports field house and operations, and a beautiful turf field on which Lane United and other local teams can play. The field house will feature mulit use courts for basketball, volleyball, pickleball, badminton and Futsal. The field will be used by Lane United, Kidsports, and likely other local sports organizations as well.

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