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Aries and Capricorn compatibility is born of mutual respect, when it works at its best. Astrology compatibility cannot tell from star signs alone which way the relationship will go, but there is definitely potential. The Aries-Capricorn relationship is definitely a strong one in business, or as a friendship, where teamwork between these two can be absolutely unbeatable. As a love match, Aries and Capricorn compatibility works at its absolute best when there is quite an age gap between the partners.

You might think that the Capricorn partner should be the eldest, but actually it works equally well with a younger Capricorn and older Aries, although the central roles of hero and sage will remain the same.

In mythology, the hero cannot do without the sage, but the sage can manage pretty well without the hero. Among the many other qualities these two partners can learn from one another, Aries can learn patience and steadfastness, and Capricorn can learn to take risks and to brave the unknown. Sharing many similar traits and desires, the hero and the sage can complete many a mythical journey together, although whether as lovers or just as practical partners depends very much on the couple. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship?

Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score! Im an aries and im head over heels in love with my capricorn girrll. Can you hear me.. FROM K. This was spot on and spine tinglingly real.

The Virgo Woman

I had to save this and send to her and await for her to reply. Many thanks for posting this. Aries man fall in love with me i m capri i was confused that what i have to do but now i am feeling relax.

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Your email address will not be published. Compatibility Calculator. How Compatible Are You? Your Details are Never shared. If the other person can charm you and make you laugh, you are there's. Your sexual feelings grow stronger for the other person if they make you feel safe and protected.

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Sagittarius and Capricorn Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships - Zodiac Fire

You don't feel comfortable with a lover who makes you feel insecure. You're sexually turned on when your partner makes an emotional connection with you. Sex for you is sensuous and feeling because you love to nurture your partner.

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You make love by intuition, especially when you feel a psychic connection to the other person. Your passion can disappear if you experience your lover as insensitive or unresponsive to your needs. You require romance to be truly excited about a sexual affair. You're playful, hot and spontaneous. As a natural actor, you love drama and enjoy performing in the boudoir. But it's important your partner make you feel loved, adored and respected. You don't need conventional places for lovemaking. You can do it in the Kasbah, Joe's Bar or the back-of-the-car. Passionate and affectionate, you enjoy making love in luxurious or opulent surroundings as befits the princess or prince you are.

Your shyness can make you appear demure or prudish. Your cautiousness can cause you to keep tight reign on your strong passionate nature. But in reality you're hot and earthy behind closed doors. You're turned on to a partner who's physically engaging, mentally exciting, well groomed and hygienically clean. You can make love like a fine craftsman who knows exactly what buttons to push for pleasure.

Your sexual nature is likely to operate at extremes. You can be a bit shy and reserved towards sex, requiring that you be romantically sought after instead of being the aggressor. Yet, you have the capacity to be impulsive and very sensuous in your sexual behavior. Your tendency to be refined, classy and esthetically oriented, means that crudeness of any kind, such as vulgar language, turn you off. You prefer sexual relationships that are more cultivated and sophisticated.

And if he or she dresses well and is gorgeous, you can turn into a sensuous lover rather quickly. You have an intense sexual nature that is extremely emotional and deeply felt. Your emotional-based sexuality shows itself when you display strong emotions such as jealousy, anger, resentment and hurt. Your desire to experience powerful lovemaking can lead you to be possessive of the other person in and out of the bedroom. Unlike certain signs that desire sex because they are "horny," you have a physical need for it in order to feel a profoundly close connection to your partner.

You have a sexually open, adventuresome, exploratory nature. It can be hard to pin you down to one intimate relationship because you like having your freedom. The emotional commitment that is often a part of sex can feel restrictive to you. There's a part of you that would like to be free like Peter Pan and not "grow up.

Leo and Capricorn Love Compatibility

You want a sexual connection with someone who is open, honest, spiritual and enjoys exploring as you do. While you're very proper in public, you have a very earthy and passionate sexual nature. However, you often struggle with a need for self-control that can make you an inhibited lover. This can result in a need to control sex and make it conform to your personal set of rules.

But you have the capacity to be hot-blooded, romantic and sexy; yet at other times you can be cold, serious and detached. When you're sexually engaged, you're a "hot" and skilled lover behind closed doors. You have a unique sexual nature that alternates between a need for freedom in your sexual relationships and a desire for having one that seems traditional.

Capricorn and Virgo Compatibility: Nature and Nuances

You like being friends with your lover but dislike being possessed by him or her. You are capable of passionate sexual involvements; yet can be quite independent and detached from intimacy. You are a very original lover and enjoy experimenting. You can be quite kinky in bed and know how to please. Your sexuality comes from the intensity of feelings you have for the other person and a strong romantic connection. You can be a chameleon who bewitches your lover to fulfill his or her fantasy.

capricorn synastry compatibility Capricorn synastry compatibility
capricorn synastry compatibility Capricorn synastry compatibility
capricorn synastry compatibility Capricorn synastry compatibility
capricorn synastry compatibility Capricorn synastry compatibility
capricorn synastry compatibility Capricorn synastry compatibility
capricorn synastry compatibility Capricorn synastry compatibility

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